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uh-oh spaghetti-oh

so firstly, i don’t have the internet at home yet due to Virgin being absolute money grabbing liars and signing me into a contract before telling me EXACTLY when we could’ve got it installed, Please, don’t ask me TWO preferred install dates and THEN give me adate, not only 8 days after, but on a weekday, now, what with me selecting two saturday installation days as my preference, do you think that I am free or have an inclination to be arounfd on a tuesday morning, NO! I have a job, that is also a little bit of a mute point when I mention that after booking my installation on the 7/8th of January, they turned around to tell me that I can’t have it installed until the 16th February. Brilliant, whilst that IS my sister’s Birthday, the combination of her living about 250 miles away, the fact she has broadband already and that it’s a pretty shit present (me getting broadband) means that it is of no consolation you absolutely backward, typically british company. Branson. I’m coming for you and your fibre optic broadband…

christ. I also mentioned that I now have a job. A turn up for the books i’d say… That kinda means, coupled with the fact I dont have the internet, that I can’t really show you much of my artwork… well, maybe one I did for a show in clwb with Johnny Foreigner which is hand drawn as i’m going to attempt to push myself in new ways this year…

Coming soon, Caesar’s Rome’s artwork for their album. Hopefully, if Jon and the boys will let me, I’ll be able to give a sneaky peak of atleast some of it on here, my blog.

Secondly, I’ve done a lot of work with BARELY REGAL records… super sound mates o’ mine who are about to start doing VERY good things back in Cardiff. lookout for more work from me, on them.


oh yeah.

Happy New Years!

Better late than never…