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along the lines of being typical…

First off,  i have to get this off my chest. Paulo Nutini is awful, his new song is awful. Someidiot, on some equally idiotic panel was comparing it to early ska bands. Please don’t. You are a dweeb, Paulo Nutini, you are not needed please leave via the nearest exit.

Anyway, whilst spotify is making my working day very very enjoyable, as you can see over at my last.fm page it is once more lunch time, and whilst everyone else manages to get all their urgent TO DO lists done i’m sitting here staring at a 505 error. I’m quickly trying to upload some files to a server, WHY DO THEY TAKE THE SERVER FOR MAINTENANCE NOW? especially when they are a UK company, it’d serve them well to pay double time and do it early in the morning or something…

the lack of internet at home has served to prolong my utterly shameless inactivity…  the commute to work however has already afforded me the finishing of two books in 3 weeks. that’s an achievement for me. The books, On The Beach, an awesome romantic portrayal of the end of the world and secondly, by Mick Middles about Factory, the record label, it merely serves to bolster my argument that doing thigs you love should be mandatory for atleast two days of the working week. observe.

anyway, i’m off to try the server again, if it doesn’t work I don’t know what to do.