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Identity work tends to encompass more than one piece of finished work. It is the entire thing, changing the identity of a project can sometimes prove a large task but it is always worth freshening up something that’s gotten a little stale don’t you think?

Stagecoach Tee & Tote Bagsss

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Ace Poster No. 11 – Other People’s work…

Rock & Wrestling

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Ace Poster No. 10 – Other Peoples Work…


So it’s cold as hell. alright, it can’t be cold as hell but it’s cold as hell if it were to be the opposite of hot.

This poster is super winter- the blue, hair like overlay and the super sleek type makes this real nice, like, real nice…

The band PARTICLE, are proving a little elusive, help? good art gives atleast a 75% chance they are going to be rad!

It’s by US & THEM (GP, Tumblr), a collective, who are” just trying to stay stoked”, which could now be the new motto which we should all abide by!

I went to see Johnny Foreigner last night at KCLSU, KCLSU has cheap-ish beer. Happy. Anyway, after waking late for work, due to said beer, I must add that TALONS (Twitter) BSM fiends that they are, were totally mindblowing! reminded me of Mogwai, not as loud, a little, not Mogwai-Lite by any stretch of the imagination but the drummer was sort of more Converge influenced… I liked it, a lot.

Go see, buy records! Back to product photography and catalogues for me today…

Awesome Poster No. 9 – Other Peoples work…

I haven’t even reached double figures and I’m already veering off into non-poster territory, well, to tell you the truth, there ain’t nothing out there today grabbing my attention. Well apart from this that plonked on my doormat yesterday, but it’s not a poster, but i’ll write about it anyway…

The rather ace 7″ from Bristol three-piece CAVES (FB) – now, review it I wont’ I will merely comment on the ace screen printed artwork, the black and white, the thought and overall lush-ness of it all… The tunes are ace as well! BUY IT HERE!

They’ve got rather ace t-shirts too which can be found HERE (and badges)

The record is out on Specialist Subject Records who have sold out of the limited blue ones… Tell you what, whilst you’re there, get hold of the ALGERNON CADAWALLADERFUN 7″ too… 2 nifty little ‘zines, 4 tracks on wax and a CD with an extra two too!

Cheers for continually reading, if you are, the graph that shows how many people look is steadily rising!

More poster work tomorrow… if there’s any good ‘uns!

Johnny Foreigner – Clwb Ifor Bach – 6th Feb 2010

Johnny Foreigner - Clwb Ifor Bach

Johnny Foreigner - Clwb Ifor Bach

If you’ve been keeping up, you may have noted I have had no internet, hense rendering my rather hardworking computer rather obsolete so I have taken to drawing a little more… in an effort to make my work a little more individual. The quality of this was lost as I had no scanner so had to photograph and edit in illustrator, hopefully, with a good chance I’ll be able to get it scanned in cause i’m real proud of it!

The idea originated from firstly, the book I had just finished, mentioned previously, written by shute and called On The Beach, it deals with the end of the world and peoples ability to deal with, relish and end their last days on earth. Secondly, on their first EP the guys and girl in Johnny Foreigner have an ace tune called, you guessed it, Suicide Pact, Yeah?

I’ve got a few little drawings that have now become more about the book than anything and they will probably surface once i get my scanner sorted!

oh yeah, and go to the show. they’re good. if they get their gin!

Samoans’ T-Shirt…

Samoans Tribal

Samoans T-Shirt Design

I was over the moon when these dudes asked me to do them some merch… A super awesome band that sound like American Football and Algernon Cadwallader and Thursday all put in a jam jar to ferment amongst the Saddest Landscape… Anyway… Samoans…… check ’em. They’re ace!

Was cool to have free reign on doing some pattern/tribal work with repetition and things, this was initially a hand sketch which I scanned in…

Samoans T-Shirt Mock-Up