Ace Poster No. 10 – Other Peoples Work…


So it’s cold as hell. alright, it can’t be cold as hell but it’s cold as hell if it were to be the opposite of hot.

This poster is super winter- the blue, hair like overlay and the super sleek type makes this real nice, like, real nice…

The band PARTICLE, are proving a little elusive, help? good art gives atleast a 75% chance they are going to be rad!

It’s by US & THEM (GP, Tumblr), a collective, who are” just trying to stay stoked”, which could now be the new motto which we should all abide by!

I went to see Johnny Foreigner last night at KCLSU, KCLSU has cheap-ish beer. Happy. Anyway, after waking late for work, due to said beer, I must add that TALONS (Twitter) BSM fiends that they are, were totally mindblowing! reminded me of Mogwai, not as loud, a little, not Mogwai-Lite by any stretch of the imagination but the drummer was sort of more Converge influenced… I liked it, a lot.

Go see, buy records! Back to product photography and catalogues for me today…


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