Awesome Poster No. 9 – Other Peoples work…

I haven’t even reached double figures and I’m already veering off into non-poster territory, well, to tell you the truth, there ain’t nothing out there today grabbing my attention. Well apart from this that plonked on my doormat yesterday, but it’s not a poster, but i’ll write about it anyway…

The rather ace 7″ from Bristol three-piece CAVES (FB) – now, review it I wont’ I will merely comment on the ace screen printed artwork, the black and white, the thought and overall lush-ness of it all… The tunes are ace as well! BUY IT HERE!

They’ve got rather ace t-shirts too which can be found HERE (and badges)

The record is out on Specialist Subject Records who have sold out of the limited blue ones… Tell you what, whilst you’re there, get hold of the ALGERNON CADAWALLADERFUN 7″ too… 2 nifty little ‘zines, 4 tracks on wax and a CD with an extra two too!

Cheers for continually reading, if you are, the graph that shows how many people look is steadily rising!

More poster work tomorrow… if there’s any good ‘uns!


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