Another Excuse, Explanation, Load of Hot Air…

I haven’t posted in ages. firstly as I was going to attempt to build a portfolio website. That has now fallen by the wayside, mainly because it is WAY easier to post to a blog and have it all formatted by the touch of a button…

Secondly, I have been away on tour with my band, we’ve got a few more shows this year and are currently aiming to write an album. for Spring. Cause that’s where all the best things hatch!

Lastly, I have been doing design work, lots of it infact… I’ve done t-shirts for 4 or 5 Magicians, who we toured with, CrossBreaker who are a sick, dark metallic hardcore band. I’ve done a whole lot of branding and identity work for BBC Introducing in Wales and a whole lot of poster work for the lovely Bethan Elfyn & Friends nights at Buffalo Bar in Cardiff…

The coming months I will be finishing off a tour ‘zine’ that I began illustrating whilst away, until I lost my journal. I kept it up though. starting a massive art/music collaboration between myself Saturday’s Kids and Evariste Galois. Two real smart and exciting bands from South Wales and lastly… moving. To London town… hopefully once more my updates will become far more regular!



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