Ace Poster No. 2 – Roofwalkers Tour Poster

Roofwalkers, before right now, I have never heard this band, my usual morning trawl through the internet churned up this beautiful piece of poster before I was able to chew my breakfast… They’re a band from Washington DC that don’t sound too far different from something that Sub Pop would release… I like it… anyway. The designer is Sonnen Zimmer and a real simple, modernist feel has been created… I love seeing creative use of colours, especially when screen printing is brought into play! This is also continues onto album artwork and i’d imagine, further into the realms of band merch!


Sonnen Zimmer print their own posters and have so much work in their portfolio and also in their store…

I absolutely adore the first print below, it’s for a project called the Show and Tell Show which is a collective of artists bringing design to the fore…

Show and Tell

I’m even toying with getting a copy of this 8- colour beauty delivered so it ca take pride and place above a fireplace someday…

The Aquabats Silver Jews The Books


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