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Ace Poster No. 3 – Ra Ra Riot…

It’s such a god-awful name, Ra Ra Riot, that I completely didn’t listen to them. No knowing how absolutely awesome they were an fobbing them off as a pretty sleazy rock band… There’s a lot in a name dudes!!!

Anyway, David Wang Provides an awesome colourful, and textured poster for a show that includes the incredible Maps & Atlases too!

David Wang

David Wang

Here’s more of his work, I absolutely love posters that aren’t easily definable into ‘International Paper Sizes’ Bring on the revolution…

Bert Janseh Jack Rose & Donald Miller This Is Me Smiling


Died Young, Stayed Pretty…

After already being covered by my man Rich over at Bands & Design (Post) I found out this morning that Died Young, Stayed Pretty (a rather super duper looking movie about Poster Design and American sub-culture is getting a UK screening at the ICA in London from the 9th of October, for the entire month (timetable here)… what’s better, the ‘Cannot distribute to the UK’ line on their website will now be able to be ignored as the ICA will be the UK distributor of the title…

Died Young Stayed Pretty

Second movie title of the post is American Artefact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art, I think it’ll be a little more formal in tone than the aforementioned Died Young but nevertheless, a great movie about a great artform…

Ace Poster No. 2 – Roofwalkers Tour Poster

Roofwalkers, before right now, I have never heard this band, my usual morning trawl through the internet churned up this beautiful piece of poster before I was able to chew my breakfast… They’re a band from Washington DC that don’t sound too far different from something that Sub Pop would release… I like it… anyway. The designer is Sonnen Zimmer and a real simple, modernist feel has been created… I love seeing creative use of colours, especially when screen printing is brought into play! This is also continues onto album artwork and i’d imagine, further into the realms of band merch!


Sonnen Zimmer print their own posters and have so much work in their portfolio and also in their store…

I absolutely adore the first print below, it’s for a project called the Show and Tell Show which is a collective of artists bringing design to the fore…

Show and Tell

I’m even toying with getting a copy of this 8- colour beauty delivered so it ca take pride and place above a fireplace someday…

The Aquabats Silver Jews The Books

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals, Broadway Calls & FireworksI have loved Set Your Goals ever since I saw them in LePub, in Newport before they moved the stage from UP a set of stairs to where it is now… People went nuts and still do! More Pop Punk, less inane chugging!

We Arrrr’ The Ocean


Ace Poster No.1 – Andrew Bird

This poster is from Aesthetic Apparatus who, have made a bunch of my favorite posters over the past few months. This, for Andrew Bird is ace, a nice use of colour defines the 3-D aspects in the funnels…

Andrew Bird - Aesthetic Apparatus

They’ve done a bunch of work for The Dead Weather, Future of the Left and Vivian Girls, M Ward, Aginst Me! and so many more!… Check out the portfolio and the store for a bunch of ace prints… Postage to the UK is super steep but never mind!

Here’s a few more lush bits and bobs:

Vivian GirlsThe Hold SteadyThe WeakerthansFuture Of The Left

Black Flag – "Bars" T-Shirt

To start a blog, you have to have something to say that matters… This does that for me:

Black Flag - Bars

Black Flag - Bars

Raymond Pettibond (Website) created the simple, stark and questioning logo when he suggested the use of Black Flag as the bands new moniker (after they decided to ditch Panic) to his Brother Greg Ginn, band member and Label Chief (SST Records).

From it’s humble beginning the image was and is continually used on the majority of visual output from the Band. It is said that Pettibond would create simple black and white sketches using just ink and hand them over to his brother, using the photocopier, scissors and a bunch of Pritt Stick, flyers, posters and even album artwork were created from single illustrations. Pettibond would get annoyed as most of the time it was the original piece that was used to make the new artwork ie. Not a photocopy. Losing it to the hands of the band.

Rollins even used to collect the flyers and posters pasted up on telephone poles before he joined the band… In his book, Michael Azerrad cites his artwork as integral to the growth and popularity (relative) of Black Flag and the entire American Underground movement during the 80’s (Our Band Could Be Your Life)

BlackFlag_Damaged cover_large Black-Flag-Family-Man-403671 slipitin Black Flag - Loose Nut Black-Flag-In-My-Head

The link with SST records, via his brother allowed Pettibon to work with a bunch of other artists who shared the same DIY ethic as Black Flag. He worked with The Minutemen Sonic Youth and more recently The Foo Fighters.

minutemen sonic-youth one_by_one_b00006jo4t

And there we go… Blog post number one, well atleast the first ‘Classic’ post done and dusted, i’m going to keep the classics to a weekly affair as otherwise it’ll just be a bunch of old stuff whilst it’s not actually the point of the blog… Looking at new exciting design capturing the feel of the originals.