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kidsepocI absolutely love this work. It’s for some of my very best friends, Kids In Glasshouses. It’s a little piece of sentimental history for me, and quite possibly them too. It was made for the launch of their debut EP and was even screen printed to form a super special run of around 90 copies, available to those who bought tickets to the show in advance. They sell on eBay for almost £90 it kind of makes being skint okay when a piece of your art, although being sold for someone elses is being transfered by avid fans. Once I get a tidy Camera I shall photograph the article in question as it is well worth the MB’s


“Back in Five…”

halflightgethjpgAnother jaunt into the world of illustration and exploring fonts and their manipulation. This really shows where my love for screen printing, simple colour usage and the use of white came from.

‘Dopa-be-Mine’ T-Shirt Design

Dopamine - 3 Colour T-Shirt
Dopamine – 3 Colour T-Shirt

This is possibly the T-Shirt I’m most proud of, mainly because I have had e-mails off friends travelling around the USA, Australia and Japan telling me that they had seen my design being sported by someone who had bought a shirt off the band DOPAMINE.

The design is far from flawless, this was definately the first shirt I ever designed. Posterization and many techniques that have hopefully been driven deep into my subconscious.

Still, I think it communicates the message well and has managed to stay looking fresh even though it is almost 5 years old!

‘Hammerhead’ T-Shirt Design

Dispatch - 2 Colour T- Shirt Design

Dispatch - 2 Colour T- Shirt Design

This was one of the first designs I was asked to do, well, T-shirt wise anyway… I was really happy with the results, only posting this now does it make me realise how long I have used and adored the font used for DISPATCH.

I also believe that this was one of my earlier forays into the world of Illustration. The Hammerhead Shark is a little ropey but it certainly did look good on cotton!

I didn’t manage to get a shirt, well I did, but it got left in my mates car on the way home from the show!

This was completed, used and forgotten about in 2005.